Kitchen Countertops in Bronx New York

Kitchen Countertops in Bronx New York

Kitchen Countertops in Bronx, NY


I have been living for years already in the Bronx, and one of the most popular trends that happened here (regarding the countertop market) was Quartz; in recent years White Quartz.


Caesarstone, Cambria, Pental and Silestone are just a few of the big brands that cannot just offer you the highest quality of Quartz stone, but also include warranties. These companies are so confident in their product that they offer warranties for more than 10 years, and even for a lifetime. If you’re still soul searching for your ideal kitchen stone, then look no further, the brands mentioned above can help solve your problem.



The Rise of Quartz


Whoever was following the countertop industry knows that the best material for your ideal kitchen was Granite. Recently, it has become Quartz too. Unlike Granite, Quartz is an engineered stone that has a pack of great PROS. Durability, Easy Maintenance, and Cost are just a few of the many benefits you have from purchasing this material for your worktop. Don’t get us wrong, Granite is still an excellent choice for many people, but at the end of the day, it boils down to your personal preference.


Even in the Quartz section, there have been surges of inner-trends, namely White Quartz. For those of you who haven’t heard of this trend, White Quartz is a Quartz based material that looks identical to Marble. Looking the same as Marble gives you the amazing timeless design you always wanted, but at the same time, keep all the amazing benefits Quartz has.  If you’re craving the shiny, modern look, then White Quartz is definitely something you need to check out. Who doesn’t like a white classy style with a black monochrome design?


Importance of Warehouses


With today’s digital age, we don’t even need to visit warehouses anymore. Today, you can just view and shop online for the slab you want, but even so, we highly suggest to visit warehouses if you have the option.


Visiting a warehouse can help you in a few ways. Firstly, you see exactly the slab you will get. Secondly, when going into a warehouse there are countless slabs to choose from, maybe you will find something unexpected there that will pique your interest. Lastly, it’s a great and fun experience if you haven’t tried visiting a warehouse yet.


Where can you find Warehouse

There are many warehouses but with Quartz it is a little different. Each quartz company carry their own material. So I would recommend you go online choose the quartz you like and then find out which warehouses carry them.



If you’re looking for a big warehouse that doesn’t have just Quartz, but also Granite and Marble, you can always check Connecticut, New Jersey, and even Brooklyn. These three places have one of the best warehouses, we

can assure that you will get nothing less than perfection from those warehouses.



 Other Materials to use for your Perfect Kitchen


Besides Quartz there is also Granite Countertops in the Bronx, New York (as we stated earlier), and also Marble. Granite, as we all know, is a great stone to use for your countertop. Durability, Longevity, and Heat-Scratch resistance are just a few of Granite’s qualities. On the other hand, Marble has always been the perfect fit when it comes to styling up your kitchen. Renovation and Marble are two words that definitely get more than just along.




Breakdown of the Materials


We talked about three types of countertop materials; Granite, Marble, and Quartz. Here is a breakdown of each of the materials PROS and CONS.


 Granite: PROS

Granite countertops in bronx NY
Granite countertops in bronx NY


  • Add House Value.


  • Durability.


  • Heat Resistant.


  • Scratch Resistant.




Granite: CONS


  • Porous – Meaning they absorb more easily liquids which can lead to stains.


  • Prone to cracking.


  • Expensive when compared to other stones.




Marble: PROS


  • Jaw Dropping Designs.


  • Natural Stone.
  • Increases House Value.


  • Long Lasting countertops.




Marble: CONS


  • Stain.


  • Expensive.


  • Porous.




Quartz: PROS

Quartz countertops in bronx NY
Quartz countertops in bronx NY
  • Durability – Most durable out of all the stones.


  • Non-Porous – Meaning it doesn’t stain as quick as natural stone or attract bacteria.


  • Low Maintenace requirements.



Quartz: CONS


  • Can be Expensive (depends on the styling).


  • Not Heat Resistant



You have many options to choose from, all of the materials are great in their own way, but are very different from one another. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by the decision and don’t know where to start from, try calling an expert to help you out.


Always see what you need for your kitchen, and don’t just blindly follow trends. At the end of the day, it’s your dream countertop and not anybody else’s.