Color of Marble Countertops | Marble Colors

Color of Marble Countertops | Marble Colors

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Marble Countertops-add brightness to your kitchen

Kitchen surface plays a very important role in setting the tone and functionality of the kitchen. If you love the clean and sparkling countertops then marble countertops are just right for you. Sporting classic looks, it is elegant and timeless. Despite its expensive looks, marble is relatively cheaper than a lot of other countertop materials. Marble is basically a metamorphic rock, resulting from extreme pressure and heat to limestone or dolomite rock for many years. Its unique shades and styles come from the impurities of the original rock. The purest marble is white in color. It has a clean bright look which imparts a sophisticated and everlasting aura.

Marble Countertop Colors
Marble Countertop Colors

It enhances the look of your kitchen. It is a natural and hard-wearing countertop material. Laminate and butcher block are the cheaper options. Honed marble countertops with a matte finish are more kitchen-friendly. Marble countertops come in a variety of color and patterns like mosaics, octagon, etc. Its naturally cool temperature is good for keeping ay workplace’s temperature controlled. With little maintenance, one can be a proud owner of timeless beauty. It’s warm and unique look will remain timeless with minimal caution and will add much more value to any place.

Marble countertops are easy to locate and afford. While some rare types are quite expensive, Carrera is a more common option and amongst the least expensive marble countertop option. Due to the softness and easier workability of the marble, marble countertops can be made in a variety of profile styles such as fancy ogee, waterfall, and platner edges. As it does not chip much while cutting, dream designs can be fabricated on it. There are less chances of damage which means fancier designs. Although it is soft to cut but can withstand high load. Being heat resistant is a feather in its hat. If you are looking to beautify your place then marble countertops are the thing for you. The colors can be matched with almost everything and the designing as well.


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In order to increase the shelf life of the marble countertop, you need to take care of it in simple steps. To protect it from stains, scratches and harmful chemicals, sealing is needed on a regular basis. A sealer is soaked by the marble and protects it from liquids and other things from getting absorbed. The thumb rule is not to clean with anything you cannot clean your hands with. By using mild washes, you can keep your marble countertop as new ever!


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