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Granite Countertop Slabs

Granite Countertop Slabs
Granite Slabs
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Quartzite Slabs
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Onyx Slabs
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White Marble Slabs

Granite Countertop

If you are planning to renovate your home or wanted to improve your kitchen then you would love to install countertops. With high quality countertops, you can give a completely different and elegant look to your kitchen. But the question is which type of countertop you would love to choose for your kitchen? The clear choice is granite countertop slabs. Granite is durable, fashionable and strong enough for your countertop. The granite rocks are mined worldwide and sent out for getting processed to different shapes and sizes. It is also easy to install and clean granite slabs as there are no grooves inside like granite tiles. The good news is that granite countertops are available at very good prices in market.


Kitchen Countertops, we stock the best granite available for your countertops. Our professionals always guide you to purchase the best natural stone; we will never suggest you to buy a marble countertop for your kitchen because we know that when compared to granite, marble should not be suggested because it is much more prone to staining as compared to granite. Our dedicated services help you in purchasing granite, marble and other natural stones for all your exclusive projects at mass market prices along side maintaining high quality and durability.

Granite kitchen countertop colors
Granite kitchen countertop colors

The options available for your projects are limited by no means. At Kitchen Countertops, we stock a wide variety of stones to select from, depending on the requirements of your projects. Nothing is more beautiful than genuine granite countertop, there are more than hundred color options to choose from that will ensure a beautiful and unique look which will guarantee to improve and add a value to your home. Whether you are thinking of renovating your existing kitchen or building a brand new kitchen, we at kitchen countertops can help you create the kitchen of your dreams for a lot less than you think. We can design, cut, and deliver your new kitchen within 7-10 days. All you need to do is visit our official website for further details. We are waiting for your call.


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Granite color selection for countertops

Selecting along with for your countertop is a personal and eventually long-lasting choice. Serious thought must be paid to it because, okay, you don’t want to select a red kitchen area counter and then realize ‘oh no! I’m a grayish person!’ Setting up a kitchen area counter is a choice that provides great value, as it’s a house fitting that will last provided that you will (not to be morbid), but also does not allow for much adjustment post set up. So, let us make sure we get it right the first time.
Certain bedrooms have certain marble kitchen area counter shade options that seem to basically perform well. In bedrooms that feature large windows and a lot of daylight, a dark kitchen area counter can be more easily drawn off. Dark counter tops are stylish, simple, and provide a amazing look regardless of the area. Though, as with dark colour, backsplashes, and wallpapers, dark house furnishings can create a reducing effect, engulfing the area in darkness, restricting the eye to a degree. Obviously, though, this does not go for everyone. Some individuals basically love the rich look of a darkish, dark, or grayish counter tops. There is no incorrect way to go about it. Ultimately it comes down to your choice. A mild countertop can produce a very pleasant, traditional feel.
Light counter tops perform particularly well if you have white-colored or light-colored floor tiles on the floor in your kitchen area, bathing room, or bar area. A cream shaded or mild brownish marble kitchen area counter often makes a summer or beach-like experience, regardless of the area it sets in. For some, this less heavy, more convenient option is master, as it requires a less focused match with the nearby units and backsplashes.
Obviously, a marble kitchen area counter is a focal point, so having it combination in anonymously probably is not what you are going for. Making sure that the marble kitchen area counter shade is accented by the nearby furnishings is, well, ideal. A dark kitchen area counter combined with a little bit less heavy units is a traditional look. Whatever your choice might be there is no incorrect direction to take.
If a mild, soft shade is what you want to help kitchen area, bathing room, or bar into a relaxing area of pleasure then it’s as simple as choosing it. If barbecue and stylish is more like the feel you are going for try out a dark shaded. Between the whites, doldrums, veggies, shades of black, brown colours, and every other shade marble can come in you will be sure to find something that you have always imagined of.



Sodalite Blue Granite slabs for countertop
Sodalite Blue
Alpine White Granite slabs for countertops
Alpine White
Antique White Granite slabs for countertops
Antique White

Aspen White Granite slabs for countertops
Aspen White
Ice White Granite slabs for countertop
Ice White
Azul Aran Granite slabs for countertop
Azul Aran

Balck Absolute Granite slabs for countertop
Balck Absolute
Barricato Granite slabs for countertop
Bellini Granite slabs for countertop
Bellini Granite slab

Bianco Antico Extra Granite slabs for countertop
Bianco Antico
Bianco Antico Extra Polished Granite slabs for countertop
Bianco Antico
Desert Dream Granite slabs for countertop
Desert Dream

Monet Granite slabs for countertop
Monet Granite slabs
Black Marinace Granite slabs for countertop
Black Marinace Granite slab
Black Spectrus Polished Granite slabs for countertop
Black Spectrus

Black Storm Granite Slabs For Countertops
Black Storm Granite Slab
Yellow rain Granite slabs for countertop
Yellow rain Granite slab
Kosmus Blue Granite slabs for countertop
Kosmus Blue Granite

Blue Bahia Granite slabs for countertop
Blue Bahia Granite slab
Blue Flower Granite slabs for countertop
Blue Flower Granite slab
Blue Pearl Granite slabs for countertop
Blue Pearl Granite slab
Bordeaux Granite slabs for countertop
Bordeaux Granite slab
Caramel Gold or Yellow River Granite slabs for countertop
Caramel Gold
Carnaval Granite slabs for countertop
Carnaval Granite slab
Elegant Browm Leather Granite slabs for countertop
Elegant Browm Leather
Emerald Pearl Granite slabs for countertop
Emerald Pearl Granite slab


Volga Blue Granite slabs for countertop
Volga Blue Granite slab
White Torroncino Granite slabs for countertop
White Torroncino Granite
labrador blue astral Granite slabs for countertop
labrador blue