Quartz Countertops Cost Installed

How Much Does Quartz Countertops Cost Installed

How much do quartz countertops cost installed

Quartz stone is considered to be one of the most durable and most beautiful options when it comes to designing your home. Just like all other types of stones, quartz is actually quarried from different mines and is first cleaned before being distributed for different uses. As far as laminate and stone materials are concerned for countertop, engineered quartz mixes the best features to create lasting and stylish finish.

The average costs of quartz countertops installation range from $1,800 and up. This is especially for professional installations. For most of homeowners today, choosing countertop material comes down to deciding between granite and quartz. As far as the overall cost is concerned, quartz countertop will always be a winner.


Cost of Quartz

The cost of countertops made of quartz and without including the installation process fee is about $75 in every square foot. Although this price may vary on the manufacturer and the brand, still the common prices go this way. Here are some other factors you need to consider as the price of the quartz countertop itself is concerned.

Quartz countertops cost per square foot
Quartz countertops cost per square foot
  • Quartz of Low Quality – $50 up to $60 per square foot.
  • Quartz of Mid-Quality – $60 up to $70 per square foot.
  • Quartz of High Quality – $70 up to $190 per square foot.

These prices may vary on some manufacturers. Still, you are most assured that the prices may be covered by the estimated ones mentioned. Caesarstone, Pental Quartz and Silestone are some of the best and chosen quartz companies to offer the best quality of quartz to use for a countertop. They make quartz made of stone which is then called as engineered stone. They offer this quartz mainly in different prices.