How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop Material

How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop Material
How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop Material


Choosing a Surface Material

It’s very clear that the choice of countertop has a huge role to play in the final look of the whole room in which it is. That is the reason why the choice of countertop material should not be taken lightly. And that is also why, the industry of countertop materials does not cease to grow, as the demand for these gets greater by the day.

The countertop industry offers a wide variety of choices for countertops. Amongst these materials, there are totally natural stones, partially natural, and completely artificial materials. Of course, each have their advantages and disadvantages but since our focus here is on natural stones as a choice for your countertop, we are going to examine the various reasons why they are a good option.

Why Natural Stones?

Quartzite countertops
Quartzite countertops

The unique work nature puts in to manufacture these materials is definitely worth the wait and price as the unicity of each slab gives a new definition to the word beauty. Natural stones have been used for a long but the touch elegance they provide still amazes. As a matter of fact, no man-made stone has been able to imitate the classical beauty of natural stones, though some are copies of these natural stones.

However, we must acknowledge that natural stones do not offer the variety of colors which artificial stones possess as they are tinted to suit any desires.

What is the Best Type of Stone for Countertops? 

It is probably white marble. Note nonetheless that, there are several types of white marble but one thing they have in common is their beauty and ability to drastically change the look of a room for the best. But then, depending on your preferences, you can choose the white marble type that is closer to your ideal.

Can You Put A Hot Pan on Granite? 

Granite countertops westchester county NY
Granite countertops Westchester county NY

Being able to take good care of one’s countertop is very important. For a kitchen countertop, heat resistance is very important. If you opted for granite as a countertop and were wondering if it could stand the heat, the answer is yes.

As compared to other countertops, granite has proven to be heat resistant you can therefore place a hot pan on it without worrying about it.



What Is the Most Durable Material for Countertop? 

When it comes to durability, artificial stones tend to have a longer life span. That nonetheless does not mean that natural stones are not durable. These natural stones are long-lasting of course, if well taken care of. And to answer the question, Granite could be considered the most durable material for a countertop.

What Is the Least Expensive Type of Stone? 

Quality comes at a cost and naturally, the least expensive items are also those of the least quality. Therefore, as an answer to the question, the least expensive stones are the commercial quality stones.


Can You Put A Hot Pan on Quartz?

Quartz countertops in westchester NY
Quartz countertops in westchester NY

Quartz on the other hand does not have the ability to stand the heat. When in contact with heat it will leave unremovable stains and probably create deformation. Therefore, take as many measures as possible to avoid such situations.