Kitchen Countertop Restoration

Kitchen Countertop Restoration
Kitchen Countertop Restoration


Marble & Granite Restoration easier process to polish and restore its natural shine.

Marble is a natural stone comprising of recrystallized of carbonate minerals. It is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone subjected to tremendous heat and pressure to the point where various materials with the original limestone and different minerals become re-crystallized.

This naturally beautiful material is characterized by vein-like patterns which depend on the number of minerals present during the recrystallization of the parent limestone rock. These models provide the unique appearance as well as the rich array of colors that are some of the most exciting available in any natural stone.

Due to its beauty and durability, marble is regularly used for sculpture and as a building material. It’s naturally random appearance, and ease of maintenance makes it a premium choice for table tops, countertops, vanities. Marble has been used significantly in places that have hot conditions because it provides a fresh feel and comfort. It is also suited for wet area application, which extends the versatility of this material to include tub surrounds and showers.

Granite Restoration harder process because the stone is very strong but we are able to restore its natural shine.

Quartz Restoration is as well a hard process and only professionals can restore.

Quarztite Restoration is an easier process like the marble to restore its natural shine.


Why Polish Stone

The natural surface of stone is rough and coarse which is why polishing is necessary. Polishing is achieved by physically polishing the stone’s surface from its regular shape and texture to a beautiful smooth and shiny surface.

A polished stone countertop is treasured for its beautiful and shining pattern along with the many different colors. With proper treatments, a polished stone counter creates a stylish and elegance atmosphere and keep its luster for years.


Stone countertop restoration

Countertops when newly installed, have a bright and reflective finish that moves with changes in light to give an elegance look to a room. However, with use this finish tends to dim, losing its shine as then becomes dulled and scratched. Stone Countertop restoration helps to repair and restore the stone original shining look.

The process of restoring stone countertops involves four steps which include-


Grinding is done when your cabinet company did not install the cabinet correctly and the countertop was installed and now at the seam is uneven. This step removes all roughness and gives flatness to the stone countertops. Also, it removes the deepest scratches and stains from the countertop.


Honing is a process of stone countertop restoration, which gives a matte, or satin finish to the counter. It removes scratches, stains and provides a uniform appearance to the counter. Honing has zero to no reflectivity, and the colors are silent while keeping a very earthy and natural look.



Polishing is the process that changes the existing finish of stone counters to achieve a smooth and resilient finish. Polishing gives a semi-shining effect to the stone counter. It enhances the veining and increases the reflectivity of the counter. Polishing can be enough to bring back the shine for stone in excellent condition.


The crystallization is the process of spraying a chemical on the stone counter and buffing it in with steel wool. It creates microfilm on the surface of stone, which is stable and durable and helps to protect the stone while keeping the color and the brightness.

This process protects the surface of the stone, gives shine and may increase its wear by hardening the stone if carried out by a professional.


Marble Countertop Restoration & Polishing
Marble Countertop Restoration & Polishing

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