Kitchen Countertops Mistakes You Should Avoid

Kitchen Countertops Mistakes You Should Avoid

Helpful Tips To Remember When You Work With A Contractor or Kitchen and Bath Showrooms


When a person is building a new home or revitalizing the look of a currenthome, they tend to hire a contractor to assist them with the job. After all, most people don’t have the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job themselves. They trust that the contractor they work with will be straight with them and do a good job.

kitchen and bath showrooms
kitchen and bath showrooms

That’s not always the case, which is why you should remember the seven important tips below.  By knowing these tips, you save yourself a ton of money and grief in the grand scheme of things.


  • Don’t purchase anything from a warehouse or showroom that is unable to tell you what the quality of their product are. These places are in the business of making money and tend to sell clients on the cheapest quality to make a profit.


  • The contractor’s fabricator won’t be upfront about the sturdiness of cabinets when it comes to holding the stone or if it’s leveled.


  • The contactor’s fabricator won’t be upfront about the number of seams, which could be problematic down the road.


  • The contractor’s fabricator won’t offer input on anything without first discussing things with the contractor. The contractor is the client; not you. When you hire a fabricator for yourself, they will talk with the contractor on our behalf to ensure the contractor knows what must be fixed. Contractors don’t like the idea of clients hiring a fabricator themselves for this very reason.


  • When visiting showrooms, the samples offered are not the same as those currently in stock. Those samples came from old stock and have not been updated. It’s possible to get the same named stone, but it may have a completely new look to it.


  • The majority of showrooms hire people who are unfamiliar with stones. The concept is to make money. Showrooms hire salespeople to sell you a slab/stone. Your hired fabricator will let you know which stone is right for you.


  • Contractors don’t want clients to have a fabricator themselves. They hire a fabricator to do the client’s job in case they decide to cut corners, saving themselves money and pocketing it. This often leaves people unaware of possible problems until long after the job is done, and they don’t realize that shaddy work had been done. Most people would think it is normal wear and tear after a certain period of time.  Remember, the contractor is the one making or losing money, and they want to make as much money as possible.