Quartzite Countertops in New York City

Quartzite Countertops in New York, NY

Guide to Kitchen and bath remodeling contractors
Guide to Kitchen and bath remodeling contractors

Quartzite in NYC


Quartzite countertops are most commonly found in private houses and apartments in the fanciest kitchen countertops in the NYC area due to their beauty and durability, quartzite stone is a natural stone.

This mineral is formed when a sandstone undergoes a natural metamorphic process and becomes a metamorphic rock. High pressure under the Earth’s crust forms these rocks.

The color strains result from infections mixed during the formation process.


Quartzite stone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, especially quartzite surfaces. They offer the unique look of marble with the advantage that it has the strength and resilience of granite, thus making it an ideal material for the kitchen marble surface.


Since this is a natural material that quarrying from nature, quartzite stone gives the kitchen a rich look, so beyond investing in the surface itself, all the other accessories can remain in a clean look, as quartzite stone highlights everything in the kitchen has to offer.


When we want to get a luxurious quartzite for the kitchen, we must choose a quality quartzite stone that will give our NYC kitchen the desired look. This does not necessarily mean that we should choose the type of quartzite that is the most expensive or one that is not in New York City and that we choose to bring especially from abroad, but make sure to choose a company that cuts and installs quartzite stone in a professional, uniform and accurate way.


When we talk about quartzite stone for the kitchen, it is a hard rock, consisting of pure quartz, unique in its highest durability, and comes in a variety of spectacular shades.

The impressive durability of quartzite is due to the processes of transformation and compression it undergoes, with enormous degrees of heat and pressure, which occur as a result of displacements in the tectonic plates which are in the mantle and crust of the earth, during the formation of the mountains.


Natural Quartzite Vs Engineered Quartz

Although their names are similar, quartzite and quartz are two completely different raw materials.

While quartz is a man-made raw material, produced by mixing the natural quartz ore with artificial resinous polymers, and whose color is obtained as a result of the addition of chemical pigments in the production process, quartzite is completely natural.

Quartzite, as mentioned, is not produced or produced artificially, and does not include various chemical additives, but is crystallized in natural and powerful processes, which give it its strength and durability, and is pure, natural, and completely clean raw material.

The various and spectacular shades of quartzite come from natural minerals that sank into the rock during its crystallization.


How to tell if quartzite countertop is real

A lot of Stone Dealers sell quartzite that is not real

In order to make sure that the quartzite slab you order is indeed a true quartzite, it is important to contact a reputable and reliable company, which specializes in the field of natural stone.

In addition, the quartzite slab can be inspected before completing the order in a scratch test.

If the quartzite slab is not scratched under the touch of the car keys – this is a sign of its high durability, typical of quartzite.

Did you try to scratch the quartzite slab and leave marks? – a sign that it is not true quartzite.


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