Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Renovation

Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Renovation
Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Renovation


Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel


Ever thought of renovating a place? It can be a kitchen, an office, a part of your house, what is sure is that it’s not cheap. The average national cost of remodeling your 200-foot kitchen is roughly $62,000. It includes new floors, custom wood cabinets, and standard appliances. Furthermore, for the idealist between us that want to add a stone counter-top, built-in refrigerators, and other luxury designs can spike the price up to $123,000.

But what if I told you there is another way? A way that is much more productive and cheap, even for those of us a budget.


Three ways to Renovation Paradise

 ● Paint Life: “A bold color and modern hardware can breathe new life into old, ordinary cabinetry,” said CeCe Barfield Thompson, an interior designer who gave her own 1990s-era kitchen a makeover a few years ago by painting the cherry wood cabinets Smokestack Gray by Benjamin Moore. As you can see, history always repeats itself. A simple color change can give you the design in of your dreams, with a much cheaper cost than a whole renovation.


● It’s always about the Cabinets: There is a well-known secret among Kitchen renovators. One of the main aspects of renewing revolves around refacing the cabinets. Cabinet materials that cannot be stained or painted, consider refacing. Refacing is the act of one replacing all doors, drawer fronts and side panels with new ones; while keeping the existing framework alive. This method has been used by many famous designers. Carolyn DiCarlo, a Manhattan-based designer, took this approach when she was working on a loft in the Dumbo section in the past years.


● Open shelves: If your cabinets are long gone for refacing then try to OPT for open shelves. Not only will does this act reduce the overall cost, but it also eliminates the need for hardware. Another way is to use particleboard, a simple way to further reduce the renovation cost.



The importance of working with a stone fabricator

Working with a stone fabricator is an important part of your renovation. Firstly, a stone fabricator can help you choose the best material for your home. This includes taking the measurements and showing you slabs suited for your ideal design. If you are a perfectionist then we highly recommend going directly to the fabricator. Working with an expert can open you the door for a customed remodel. Instead of wasting your time, money and energy, we can solve it all for you.


When searching for a fabricator, you must find a company that has the experience and can provide you with all types of slabs. Mega Marble can do just that for you. We fabricate any counter-top material you need, yes even Marble. Go directly with a fabricator to cut on your money and time.


Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel
Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel

Let’s talk about Prices and Budgeting

Reinventing your kitchens can come in many forms, and of course prices. The most expensive part of remodeling your kitchen is usually the cabinets, which on average cost $15,000 dollars and more. In second place comes the new appliances for your kitchen, costing an average of $8,200.


As you can see it’s expensive, but there are a few ways to further subtract the price. Here are a few examples of how:


● Setting a Budget: A lot of people get consumed in their renovation project and clearly lose track of the cost, that is why it’s important to set your personal budget. Make a list of how and what you want to remodel, see how much it costs and how to compares with your budget.


● Leave the appliances out of the sink: Redirecting a line is expensive, to say the least. Underestimating the cost of these will leave you with a priceless face. The act of redirecting requires you to bring into the picture in additional expertise in the form of an electrician or plumber. Add this to the cost equation, and find yourself far off from your budget. Unless necessary, we recommend not to add the appliances.


●  Only replace the cabinets if needed: Before investing on a completely new cabinet, check and see if you can repair or replace it, This additional step can help you save a lot of money, especially since this is the most expensive part of remodeling your kitchen.