Quartz countertops Which company is good for my kitchen

Which Quartz Brand is Best

Quartz countertops Which company is good for my kitchen?


One of the most important decisions when dealing with kitchen design is choosing the countertop. There are a lot of quartz companies in this field and the choice is more difficult, but few companies will find a quality, price, better design.


Quartz surfaces are the result of engineering, they have great durability, and their strong point is designed. Pigments and resins are used in the manufacture of this type of surface. Thanks to these, any design can be achieved, from completely smooth colors to perfect imitations of other materials, including natural stones like marble or granite itself.


The price between companies is huge when it comes to choosing between quartz stone brand names and nonbrand names.


not all quartz stone companies contain 93 percent natural quartz stone and 7 percent resin binder.


Best Brands of Quartz Countertops


Quartz countertops have been during the last years, even the last decade, the reference and most demanded material. They offer great resistance to impact and abrasion and a wide range of designs. However, they can also be affected by high temperatures and their colors can be deteriorated by solar radiation.


1. Silestone. This is a well-known brand of countertops and other surfaces. It is owned by the Cosentino company. They are undoubtedly the benchmark in the sector. Its position is so dominant that many people who come looking for a quartz countertop ask for it as “a silestone”, even if they are not particularly interested in this particular brand.

2. Compac Quartz is another well-known manufacturer. Their products also have proven quality. These are some brand names. The non-brand names do not have enough quartz in them so the u=quality is less than the ones with the brand names.

1. Alleanza Quartz

2. Cambria Quartz

3. Caesarstone Quartz

4. Vadara Quartz

5. MSI Q Quartz

6. Compac Quartz

– It is not porous, so the stains will never be impregnated, and will ensure its durability for many years. Likewise, its hygienic qualities and bacteriostatic protection make this material the safest for health, especially that of the little ones.



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